How WordPress Can Help Improve Your Search Results

WordPress is the most popular CMS available today powering over 27% of the Internet’s most popular sites. Even for “non-coders,” you can build a great site with WP that gets attention. One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide variety of themes available for your site to make your site look and function the way you want it. WordPress plugins make your site more versatile with over 100,000 plugins to choose from. WordPress also offers search benefits. Instead of filling your web pages with keywords, WP can help you achieve your search goals.

Getting the most from your site is easy. Pay careful attention to your title, permalinks, post tags, categories, image tags, and your links to other sites. Carefully adding these to your posts and pages while you write can give you better results.

Your post and page titles play a major difference in how humans and search engines pay attention to your site. Having a great title and headline not only helps sell your article to humans, it helps search engines index your site. The page and post titles are great places to add keywords too.

Permalinks are the links WordPress lets you create for your page and post titles. When you add keywords to your titles and permalinks you can improve your site’s search results. The better your search results are, the more business you will do.

Post tags let you mark your content with keywords that can further help search engines crawl your website on your posts. The better search engines crawl your site, the better your search results. Use keywords as your post tags and that also helps your Google search results.

Adding heading tags, such as h1, h2, and h3 tags, are simple to add to your site and can help your results. Heading tags keep your content organized and can help your search ranking.

Categories make it easier for people to track your posts. Categories are also another opportunity to help search engines find and crawl your site. The more relevant information search engines can gain about your site, the better your search results will be.

Search engines not only crawl your content, but they may crawl your images too. With the WP image editor in the media library, you can easily add text information to your images. Adding alt text, descriptions, and captions to your posts and pages images can further improve your results.

Although Google has tightened their standards on adding links to your content, adding well thought and planned links to your site can help your Google search results. Adding links to your site is a snap with WP’s text editor.

There are some great WordPress plugins to help you get better search results. Yoast SEO is one of the easiest plugins for WP users to get the best search results from their content.

Taking all of this into consideration, choosing WordPress for your site’s CMS can help you get the best search results from your web content.

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