The Role of 3rd Party User Reviews in Today’s Marketplace

Nowadays, buyers have become smarter and more knowledgeable. With the inclusion of the Internet in the mix, it is all too easy for one to simply pull out their mobile and quickly search for user reviews about the product they’re intending to buy. This isn’t just a spur of the moment decision either. Buyers are becoming more reliant on 3rd party user reviews and businesses will do well to pay attention to this aspect because these reviews are extremely powerful.

Can Sway the Decision

When it comes to making the final decision to buy or not, 3rd party user reviews can definitely sway the decision against or in favor of the purchase. Buyers pay more attention to these reviews than businesses might assume and a few negative reviews can make a huge difference in their overall buying decision.

Can Provide Invaluable Information

From the quality of the product to the level of customer support as well as the delivery and shipping time, 3rd party user reviews are full of useful information that can give one a better idea regarding your business.

Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be increased with the help of 3rd party user reviews. Happy customers are more than happy to recommend the product and the business to others and with a good user review, they can easily increase the brand awareness that others have.

Showcases Brand Credibility

The credibility of your brand relies a lot on the kind of users reviews you get. Too many negative reviews will make your business look bad. However, a good business is one that has a good mix of both. Buyers know that you can’t trust all reviews but if a business only shows the good ones, it is possible that the site appears distrustful. A business that showcases no reviews appears even odder than others.


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