Why SEO?

Why is SEO or Search Engine Optimization so vital for businesses? Simply put, organic placement on Google, Yahoo, and BING gives your company another avenue to reach targeted potential customers that are actively seeking the goods and services that your business provides. The internet has forever changed the way we communicate, conduct commerce, and gather information. The “Yellow Pages” are quickly becoming a thing of the past, whereas search engines are increasingly becoming the reference tool of choice for individuals searching for information on various goods and services. Here are some recent online search statistics that demonstrate how the internet has changed the way we gather information:


• Americans conduct over 20 BILLION searches each month.

• 59% of all Internet users use search engines on a daily basis.

• According to 2011 Burke study, 76% of respondents used   search engines to find LOCAL BUSINESS information.

• 70% of search engine users choose organic sites over sponsored.

• Conversion rates for “Organic” sites are much higher than “Sponsored” sites.


In order to capture a share of the online search market, it’s imperative to incorporate a well thought out SEO strategy that not only increases your company’s website traffic and visibility, but also drives sales and lower cost per acquisition. A proper SEO strategy contains several factors, including: Content Coding & Building, Keyword Research & Analysis, Link Building, as well as Blogs, Press Releases, and Social Media. Remember however that achieving a first page ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing through Search Engine Optimization is easier said than done. SEO success is a marathon not a sprint. It requires time and ongoing effort to obtain and maintain first page organic placement.

Do you think your company being on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing 24/7 will increase the number of leads that result in sales?



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